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Top 100 Interior Designers in Australia Who Rule The Design Scene

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Interior designing is not just little cosmetic nips and tucks, but sometimes an entire renovation undertaken to give the space a whole new look and feel. Changing the look of a home, building, or office has an impact on people's productivity and their interaction within that space. Pulling together aspects like the colour, light, fittings and furnishings, and other key features to give the space a refined, elegant, and polished holistic look can be quite a daunting task.

This is where qualified, professional, and skilled interior designers come in to fill that challenging gap. After sourcing for the cream of the crop in this industry the following exclusive list of the Top 100 interior designers in Australia was compiled. Their services are backed by the knowledge and experience of the visionary legends who started the practices, together with a team of talented and creative geniuses. So the next time you find yourself in a design fix, you can bank on one of these creative talents to pull you through.

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Woods Bagot: A unique process designed to unlock the radical possibilities


A global design and consulting firm, Woods Bagot has over 1,000 people working in studios across Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America. The main focus of the firm is to understand their clients' functional, operational, and cultural needs to create beautifully customised designs that enrich and uplift the space, while remaining true to its practical purpose. With over 140 years of experience creating a legacy of design, their studio model enables them to work collaboratively across borders using the latest in technology. The shared design expertise and drawing from a wealth of knowledge across the borders, this legendary design firm provides services ranging from architecture, consulting, interior design, master planning, and urban design. Their exceptional knowledge base and the years of experience makes them well deserving of this spot.

HASSELL: The future of urbanised interior designing!

With over 75 years of experience, and having designed for various sectors like health, education and science, and transportation sector, this international interior designing firm was an obvious choice for our Top 100 list. Their designers' are committed to delivering designs that are high on creativity and innovation, while being empathetic and open with their clients to ensure their interests are the focal point of everything they design. A recipient of more than 850 awards from leading industry bodies with studios in Australia, China, South East Asia, and the United Kingdom, you can be rest assured HASSELL has your best interests at heart.

Website: http://www.hassellstudio.com/en

Derlot: Pushing the boundaries of functional innovation

Alexander Lotersztain, is an Argentinian born, Australian designer, and founder of the multidisciplinary design studio Derlot. His collection can be found in the Pompidou Museum in Paris, in 2010 he was bestowed the inaugural Queensland Premier's Smart State Designer of the Year fellowship award, was among the top 25 designers to collaborate with Monocle, and is a design advisor for many private and government projects. Each design and product is a testament to Alexander Lotersztain's passion for materials, technologies, and craftsmanship. Hence, Derlot, helmed by the design, art, and branding virtuoso, finds a sweet spot in our Top 100.

Website: http://derlot.com/

Greg Natale: It's all about bold, glamorous, and luxurious

Author of The Tailored Interior published in 2014, and with degrees in interior design, visual arts, and architecture from renowned Australian universities, Greg Natale rightfully makes it to our coveted Top 100 list. His first project was designing his sister's one-bedroom apartment, which he decorated with custom coloured Florence Broadhurst wallpaper, with matching artwork and linen. This project earned him his first award and pushed his work out into the public focus. Since then his amazing work has been featured in various international publications and won him several accolades including Belle Coco Republic Interior Designer of the Year in 2011 and 2014. His stellar work includes creating rug and carpet collections for designer rugs, tiles for Teranova, cushions for One Duck Two, among others.With a love for bold colours and patterns and an inimitable style to create sophisticated design spaces, Greg Natale Design will not fail to impress any of their clients.

Website: http://www.gregnatale.com/

Hecker Guthrie: Creator of cohesive, honest, and authentic spaces

Hamish Guthrie's creative upbringing coupled with his strong architectural and design sensibility developed over the years with sound mentorship has resulted in a strong portfolio of well awarded projects. With over 20 plus years of experience under his belt and an enthusiasm for design that showcases humour and curiosity, Paul Hecker is an arbiter of style and taste. And together they found Hecker Guthrie based in Melbourne. Designing a unique identity for each design with a natural palette of materials, while finding a good fit of aesthetic and budget is what they are all about. With a plethora of awards, a commitment to creating bespoke spaces tailored to make each client's space feel authentic and unique, this studio was a definite winner for our Top 100.

Website: http://www.heckerguthrie.com/

Clare Cousins Architects: Helping good design find its rightful place

A love for challenging projects, creating spaces that age well with time, understanding the nuances of how a client uses the space, mentoring the rising stars of the next-gen architecture are just some of the impressive qualities of this design firm, and hence find a shining spot in our list. This award-winning architecture and interior design practice was founded in 2005 by Clare Cousins. Clare is involved at state and national levels as a mentor, committee member, and industry representative, working to ensure good design is valued in Australia. With an emphasis on trust and open communication, and a zeal for the process of architecture and learning new ways of approaching each space, they are a client 's delight.

Website: http://clarecousins.com.au/

John Wardle Architects: Converting ideas into unique design realities

Founded in 1986 by John Wardle, the practice has evolved from a smaller studio into a larger environment with creative, technical, and strategic inputs from a diversity of architects and interior designers. The practice's architecture has been enriched by working with the likes of Fiona Hall, Peter Kennedy, Simon Perry, among others. They have a collaborative approach towards each project, in that, the unique skills of each designer come together to create new design solutions that are efficient in terms of time, quality, and cost. The close-knit team feed off of each other's point of view to bring together a design that is carefully mapped and understood to provide the best to the client. So, it is not surprising that we picked JWA to feature in our list.

Website: http://www.johnwardlearchitects.com/

Techne: Where poetic meets aesthetics

Founded in 2002 by Nicholas Travers and Justin Northrop, the Melbourne-based Technè has built an impressive portfolio through its innovative design and functional solutions. Their projects are designed to minimise energy consumption with responsible use of resources, which makes them worthy of the Top 100. Owing to a solid construction knowledge and a track record of delivering efficient design aesthetics, the firm boasts of projects like The Bridge Hotel and a Porsche showroom. The directors together with a brilliant team of 27 skilled and experienced designers create designs that represent each client's goal and personality, while ensuring their architectural and project management services stay within the budget and on brief.

Website: http://www.techne.com.au/

Hare + Klein: Balancing aesthetic elegance with layers of visual generosity

Their commitment to responding to clients' brief and lifestyle, and the passion to create original and authentic interiors is why they are in the Top 100. This multi-award winning practice offers full interior design service, offering well-documented solutions that add value to the project. Meryl Hare founded this studio in 1988, and has been designing spaces that are woven with warmth, refined comfort, and a sense of the client's personality. The many awards and the diverse portfolio that they enjoy attest to their attention to detail through the entire design and decorative process.

Website: http://hareklein.com.au/

Mim Design: Pushing the boundaries with holistic design ethos

Their philosophy to produce unique designs with a focus to deliver designs that are beyond expectations make this practice, located in South Yarra, well deserving of a spot in this list. They understand the need to incorporate a holistic view of the projects so that the aesthetics of each project aligns with the look and feel of the brand. Their attention to finer details of styling and an impressive knowledge of local and international products and space planning helps them achieve a design well suited to both the interior as well as the client's personality. Miriam Fanning, the visionary and founder of this studio, believes in pushing the parameters to bring out a strong design. She, along with a strong team of creative individuals, continue to infuse the practice with versatility and flexibility, creating custom designs that are timeless.

Website: http://www.mimdesign.com.au/

Arent & Pyke: Where emotional design meets collaborative respect

The firm led by Sarah-Jane Pyke and Juliette Arent is known for its exceptional technical and aesthetic expertise resulting in innovative and beautiful spaces. Understanding each client's needs, lifestyle, and passions to make informed decisions, is the firm's hallmark trait. They collaborate with artisans and architects, and suppliers through project management to final decoration and styling to bring the client's vision to life. The various awards in interior designing and glowing customer reviews prove the firm's honest connection with the client, which ensures each task is completed smoothly and seamlessly. This kind of meticulous attention to detail, talent for bringing together unexpected elements, and client engagement is what makes them a sure bet in matters of architecture, design, and art, and lands them in our hot list of Top 100.

Website: http://arentpyke.com/

Robert Mills Architects and Interior Designers:Great architecture and interiors for great living

The firm embodies the great living concept in their designs which makes their processes unique. Great living is characterised by great land, great architecture, great interiors, and great technology, which put together in the design process enables great lives. And a Rob Mills home captures the essence of great living. With architecture and interior designing under one roof, their unique style is exhibited in grand country house designs to elegant heritage restorations. Every Rob Mills home is the handiwork of a team with expert knowledge and resources that are future proof. Their ability to discern potential and strong design aesthetics coupled with futuristic processes makes them a magnet for great clients. Hence, it's no wonder they make it to our list.

Website: http://www.robmills.com.au/

Camilla Molders Design: Delivering style and comfort with guilt-free transformation

As a client, you have yourself a trusted guide right from the design concept to creating fixtures and furnitures to the interior styling. With an eye for fine details and exceptional craftsmanship, they create spaces that surprise and delight, expressing individual taste, personality, and lifestyle. An outstanding customer service aimed at providing a holistic approach to design are the hallmarks of this studio. They are committed to being environmentally friendly, and hence source materials that provide guilt-free transformation. Pushing design boundaries, balancing functionality with bespoke aesthetics has compelled Australian and international publications feature Camilla's work, and is also the reason her firm features in our list.

Website: http://camillamolders.com.au/

Nexus Designs: Pioneers of innovation in interior design

Established in 1967 by Janne Faulkner as one of the first interior design practices, Nexus Designs has been influencing designers and lives in Australia for over five decades, which makes them more than apt to feature in our list. With a team of award-winning designers who have a fearless approach to designing and an unquenchable thirst for imbibing new approaches, they have been at the forefront of Australian design. They understand the importance of space planning, and develop individualised colour palettes and carefully select interior finishes and fittings. Designers with extensive knowledge of art, design, and architecture, with years of professional experience are at the helm of this design studio, along with a strong and responsible design team, who are committed to creating beautiful and timeless design outcomes.

Website: http://nexusdesigns.com.au/

BKK Architects: Innovating ideas and design thinking

The brainchild of Tim Black, Julian Kosloff, and Simon Knott, BKK Architects founded in 2000, features in our Top 100 because of their professional, efficient management and project delivery. Their body of work includes government entities, small and large developers, corporate sector, and private and public housing. An engagement of all the stakeholders in every stage of the design process ensures that client's values and personalities are incorporated into the design elements. BKK Architects have spearheaded the development of a fully recyclable absorptive soundwall panel and was also commissioned to undertake research for a new and comprehensive approach to city development. It is no wonder that this practice has bagged numerous awards and their work published both locally and internationally.

Website: http://b-k-k.com.au/

Maddison Architects: Creating design excellence through relevant, meaningful architecture

An A+ member of the Australian Institute of Architects, established under the able leadership of Peter Maddison in 1989, is Maddison Architects. With strong emphasis on clear and open communication with clients, engaging other experts in branding, design, art, and story-telling to create meaningful architecture, crafting each project with individual identity, thus taking a holistic approach to the entire design process. Peter Maddison contributes his time and expertise by engaging with the design and architectural community to create innovative and relevant designs. His book, Grand Designs Australia: The Handbook, released in 2013. His visionary practice is staffed with equally competent and experienced designers who team together to deliver outstanding design outcomes. With environmental sustainability at the core of each project and dozens of industry awards under its belt, this practice was a definite win for our Top 100.

Website: http://www.maddisonarchitects.com.au/

Carr Design Group: Delivering design excellence transcending time

Carr Design Group is an influential architecture and interior design firm established by the talented visionary Sue Carr. For over 40 years, Carr has been delivering extraordinary designs in the workplace, hospitality, and residential sectors. A strong portfolio consisting of long-standing client relationships stands as a testament that the practice always aims to deliver beyond their client's expectations. At Carr, they believe design and architecture shapes the way people think and behave. Hence, they design homes that elevate quality of life, hospitality spaces that attract guests, and workspaces that are inspiring. The focus is to provide holistic solutions in bringing a design outline to life through detailed documentation and design monitoring, and thereby produce designs that are not dictated by the changing fads. Delivering over four decades of design excellence certainly makes them worthy of our list.

Website: http://www.carr.net.au/

Architects EAT: Unique designs driven by consistent physical approach

Established by Albert Mo and Eid Goh in 2000, this architecture and interior design practice has grown from a small three-man operation to a firm designing projects ranging from small scale private homes and apartments to high-rise residential developments, local government, and hospitality projects. Creating unique designs, steering clear of a predetermined style, with an eye for intricacies and detail, is the hallmark of this practice. Staffed with experienced and diverse creative geniuses, passionate and ambitious about their craft, help the practice employ a sensitive approach to the designs. A consistent philosophical approach of creating and designing spaces that can stand the test of time and have immense functional value while being unique to each client's brief has won them awards and accolades. It is, therefore, little wonder why they find a spot in this list.

Website: http://eatas.com.au/

MAKE:Design aesthetics made to last

A Melbourne-based architectural practice, MAKE is a strong believer in quality not quantity, and hence featured in our list. Along with quality, MAKE designs its buildings and spaces to respond to the season. The designs seem effortless and comfortable, having been tried and tested with focus on ways that these buildings can make lives better. MAKE ensures its designs are holistic, relevant, and sustainable, while eliminating similarity, and giving each project a unique identity. Every architectural and design project undertaken here, aims to deliver unique design outcomes while being functional and relevant. With a strong in-house team of architects and designers, the practice's passion for design is reflected in their work.

Website: http://www.makearchitecture.com.au/

Wolveridge Architects: Setting the bar for creative aptitude and technical response

Jeremy Wolveridge, after working for some years as an architect in an established London firm and in far north Queensland, established his own practice in Melbourne on January 2, 2000. The practice believes in keeping the staff size concise as it affords them the adaptability and flexibility required for each client's project needs. A diverse cultural background with a broad educational and practical experience contributes to the quality of projects, and has fostered creative growth through sharing of ideas. They are known for creating client-focused solutions that come from time spent in dealing with clients one-on-one. The practice enjoys a good industry reputation owing to its understanding of the practical application and technical expertise in the various design fields. So, we proudly feature them in our Top 100.

Website: http://www.wolveridge.com.au/

Shareen Joel Design: Finest blend of creativity, simplicity, and elegance

Witchery, Country Road, Sheridan, Seafolly, and Zip Industries are some of the prominent clients that have benefited from the services of Shareen Joel Design founded by Shareen Joel in 2003. Her career began in 1991 as an industrial designer for Ford Motor Company in Australia, and then Europe and USA. In her role as an industrial designer, she travelled to international fashion shows and design events, which helped her develop an eye for detail and materiality early on in her career. Using honest materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and fine detailing are the foundation of SJD. This ethos is reflected in all platform of creative direction from interior architecture, interior design, product and furniture design, and creative brand management. She is known for her simple, honest, and balanced approach to work, and the bespoke designs. In 2012, she broadened her focus with the inception of the design website Share Design. No wonder she made it to our exclusive Top 100.

Website: http://shareenjoel.com/

Foolscap Studio: Transforming monotony to excitement and adventure

This studio provides a holistic and coherent design outcome derived from early strategy, design implementation, and delivery characterised by ingenuity and resourcefulness. They are a multi-disciplinary, full service design studio having serviced clients like City of Sydney, Harry & Frankie, Deutsche Bank, and Bawa. They delve into the individual narratives surrounding every client's identity and the functional value for the end-users to understand what design can do for the people. There is no one aesthetic that defines the studio's work, which is an opportunity for them to explore the various elements of design. This fearless and pragmatic approach to interior designing brought them to our attention to land them in this list.

Website: http://foolscapstudio.com.au/

Conrad Gargett Architecture: Preserving the vibrant legacy of design and architecture

Three award-winning practices with a rich history spanning over a century come together to form the prestigious Conrad Gargett. With Australia's most influential designers, Sydney Ancher, Bryce Mortlock, and Ken Woolley, influencing its architecture and designs, a rich history of over a century of professionalism, business acumen, and an impressive portfolio of Queensland's public, commercial, and institutional buildings, this firm has rightly cemented its place in our list. Sustainability of the natural environment, quality and integrity in the business environment, and responsibility in the social environment are the golden traits that this studio has observed since 1890. A long history of exceeding client expectations, a team of dedicated designers and heritage consultants with specialist skills, the application of cutting edge technology, planned and methodical design processes have established their legacy as the pioneers of prominent and enduring designs.

Website: http://www.conradgargett.com.au/

Zircon Interiors: Boosting productivity through imaginative and creative spaces

Porsche, Victoria Police, Electrolux, Telstra are some of the prestigious clients that Zircon Interiors boasts of. With their 'complete solution' umbrella approach, their space planners work with the client to design a space that maximises productivity by changing the way their company operates. Every project that this studio undertakes is finished under expert industry advice, with the aim of delivering premium solutions that meet every need. The communication pattern between the designers, clients, and contractors is aimed to maximise coordination and efficiency to ensure all projects are completed on time, while staying within the bounds of the client's brief and budget. We proudly feature this studio, that gives workplaces a whole new face and helps maximise a company's productivity, in our list.

Website: http://www.zirconinterior.com.au/

Bates Smart: Transforming the city fabric one project at a time

A multi-disciplinary design firm delivering services across Australia with a staff of over 200, finds its sweet spot in our Top 100 for their innovative and leadership skills in the design community. With a team of highly qualified and experienced leaders who are innovators of their time, this studio has an unparalleled level of knowledge and expertise of top flight large scale products. A rigorous and highly creative design approach towards each of their project, and paying special attention to the environmental performance and long term durability of the buildings, enables them to deliver an enduring level of excellence from conception to completion. The firm believes in creative collaboration, listening to the client's strategies and aspirations so that the design can be realised within the given brief and budget.

Website: http://www.zirconinterior.com.au/

Robson Rak Architects and Interior Designers: Creating timeless and elegant designs

A healthy creative partnership between Kathryn Robson and Chris Rak brought about the inception of Robson Rak Architects and Interior Designers, offering a holistic design service of architecture, interior design, and interior decoration. Kathryn Robson is the principal architect with an extensive working history in Europe and Australia. Chris Rak, the principal interior architect, is known for his cutting edge design in leading Melbourne offices. Every project they design is underscored by an emphasis on innovation, longevity, and sustainability. Putting together their creative experiences, vibrant personalities, industry knowledge, and shared perfectionism, they strive to challenge the design and architectural process to find new solutions and processes, and bring about a productive collaboration to achieve a craftsmanship of the highest standards. Their commitment to creating unique story-telling designs, makes them worthy of our Top 100.

Website: http://www.robsonrak.com.au/

Whiting Architects: Designing spaces to go beyond the look

Design director Steven Whiting and creative director Carole Whiting oversee a busy design practice based in Melbourne, staffed with creative geniuses selected on their individual merit. The practice has the experience of working on large scale commercial projects like Establishment Hotel Sydney, and also various multi residential towers and hospitality projects. The practice recently has been regrouping to focus on high-end residential projects for selected clients. Their holistic approach of working through the nuts-and-bolts detail to bring about a meaningful design has helped them bag many local and international commissions including a new flagship showroom for V-ZUG Australia in Kew, Victoria. The studio's dedication to quality and thoroughness to craft bespoke designs, finds them their rightful place in our list.

Website: http://whitingarchitects.com/

Doherty Design Studio: Bespoke designs and fresh interior spaces

Mardi Doherty, director of the studio, boasts of an impressive portfolio of clients she has worked on, including concept and multiple retail fit-outs for Paul & Joe, Diesel, an interior for Madonna's London home in Belgravia, and a retail concept and roll-outs for Victoria's Secret New York. Along with Mardi is her associate Michelle Evans who comes armed with over 8 years of experience in residential, commercial, and retail projects. Be it lifestyle, retail, hospitality, or branding, every design is tailored to meet the needs of each client with a strong emphasis on ecologically and socially aware designs. The studio collaborates with architects, builders, engineers, and graphic designers to ensure a cohesive outcome that are within the budget constraints. The team ensures that the design integrity is maintained from start to finish. Their experience of delivering fresh interior spaces with a distinctive end result pushed them into the Top 100.

Website: http://www.dohertydesignstudio.com.au/

Luchetti Krelle: Unique and customised design solutions

This award-winning Sydney based architecture and interior design studio established by Stuart Krelle and Rachel Luchetti makes it to our list owing to their unique and customised design solutions. Although Luchetti Krelle have a diverse portfolio, their primary focus is in the hospitality sector. The studio endeavours to offer a total concept, including branding and identity design, and bespoke furniture and fittings. Their focus on developing a strong designer-client relationship allows for a dynamic and collaborative design process and a committed and personalised approach.

Website: http://www.luchettikrelle.com/

Travis Walton: Designs inspired by the unexpected

From opulent nightclubs to sleek luxurious retail to offbeat eateries, Walton's designs are fast becoming synonymous with contemporary design and architecture. Based out of Melbourne, the recent nomination for the prestigious FX International Design Award, stands as a testament to the studio's creative ingenuity. Travis and his chosen team of talented experts in interior designing are known for offering turnkey solutions for entertainment, retail, and residential spaces. They oversee a project in close collaboration with the architects, designers, and the client so as to ensure a cohesive and relevant design outcome that is functional, yet stylish and imaginative. Established in 2010, it is already armed with successful projects, awards, and accolades, and hence finds a spot in our list.

Website: http://traviswalton.com.au/

Made by Cohen: Celebrating life and creativity through designs

After her stint working full-time for Carr Design Group and Chris Connell Design since graduating from RMIT in 2000, Susie Cohen started Made by Cohen. The practice celebrates life, family, and creativity through designs that are created through an honest, open collaboration with the client. With an eye for finer details, the designs tend towards simplicity, yet looking refined, stylish, and creative in their finish. Armed with many awards that speak to her ability to create uniquely beautiful designs, keeping the client's personality and identity front and centre, make her a delightful choice for our Top 100.

Website: http://www.madebycohen.com.au/

Green Room Interiors: Creating distinctive colourful spaces with effortless panache

An official colour consultant for Inspirations Paint, finalist in the Dulux Colour Awards 2016, and member of the Design Institute of Australia, Tania Bell leads this professional creative practice. Her extensive travelling experience, and the immense knowledge of tiles and bathroom renovation sets her apart in translating her designs into unique outcomes. She's been passionate about colours for as long as she can remember, and channelises this passion along with her rich and varied life experiences in creating beautiful customised designs that are a delight for her customers. Her skills and passion are matched by an equally diligent and enthusiastic team who bring their diverse experience to every project. The aim of the practice is to deliver high aesthetic and functional value to every project they undertake, while adhering to client's individual lifestyle. Her love, passion, and dedication towards her job is why she makes it to our exclusive Top 100.

Website: http://greenroominteriors.com.au

Bower Architecture: Designs maximising efficiency and minimising impact

Chema Bould, Anna Dutton, and Jade Vidal joined creative forces to form Bower Architecture in 2005. With emphasis on timeless designs that change the way the clients experience the space, they create spaces that provide functional value and a unique experience to the clients. A disciplined and meticulous approach, with an eye for intricate details, helps them design projects that are tailored to the client's needs and aspirations, and stays confined within the given brief and budget. Sustainability is an integral part of their project, designing buildings that perform passively and respond to the constantly changing environment and climate. Their ability to uncover enduring spaces and interiors, and striving to create timeless places land them in our list.

Website: http://www.bowerarchitecture.com.au/

Fiona Lynch: Creating custom spaces through an artistic approach

With over 15 years of experience under her belt, award winning director Fiona Lynch leads a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in architecture, interior design, visual arts, and management. With experience in residential, hospitality, retail, commercial, and multi-level residential, Fiona Lynch is known for creating innovative use of materials, superior client servicing, and designing wonderfully resolved spaces. An artistic approach to interior designing with custom detailing and inventive use of space, bags this design firm a spot in our Top 100.

Website: http://www.fionalynch.com.au/

Flack Studio: Creating contemporary spaces with light-hearted elements

An interior architecture and design practice based in Melbourne, that create designs that are bold and elegant, offset with masculine and light-hearted elements. Their aesthetics are contemporary and classic. Combining warm materials with clean lines and fine detailing, their designs are adaptable to projects of all scopes and scales. Flack Studio values their craft and holds it in high regards which results in contemporary and welcoming spaces. Their expertise in creating unique and contemporary spaces across small, large scale, multi-residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors makes them proudly feature in our list.

Website: http://flackstudio.com.au/

Black & Spiro Interior Design: Bringing beauty into the homes and lives of people

With Anna Spiro at its helm as the founder and head designer, this design studio aims to help clients create homes and places which are reflective of their lives. Being surrounded by beauty and raised in a home with beautiful surroundings, Anna Spiro is inspired to help people beautify their spaces. Every project, big or small, is influenced by her love for inventing and creating things. She pays special attention to her client's requirements while using her ideas to transform each space that she is invited into. It's her endeavour to help make every home she designs comfortable, happy, and interesting, which lands her studio in our list.

Website: http://www.blackandspiro.com.au/

Hearth: Translating the beauty of light and colour into desirable spaces

Hearth is an interior architecture and design practice that believes in being responsive to the client, brief, and context, while being sensitive to light, tactility, colour, and material. They understand the importance of client engagement in successfully seeing through a project and creating designs that are seamless and functional. Hence, they work collaboratively with their clients from start to finish, translating their requirements and desires into beautiful spaces. Their conscientious, strategic, and careful approach to all the aspects of their work lands them proudly in our Top 100.

Website: http://www.hearthstudio.com.au/

Bloom: Design solutions offering a fresh approach to existing spaces

Achieving a holistic look by tying together space, light, colour, and key features can be quite challenging. Bloom studio takes on this intimidating task head-on with its new, fresh approach to existing spaces, which is why they are featured in our list. They take into account the client's tastes and aspirations, and come up with a seamless design plan that offers both warmth and functionality in key living spaces. They offer full service design solutions right from the initial concepts to selecting paint colours, window, floor coverings, and decorative objects.

Website: http://www.bloominteriordesign.com.au/

Susi Leeton: Handcrafting spaces with understated dignity

Susi Leeton's work draws from her experience of working in Singapore and Rome. Her work is a fine blend of both the disciplines; architecture and interior design. Hence, the practice looks to finely integrate architecture, interior, and sculpture to produce beautiful spaces. The practice focuses on creating architecture that blends beautifully with its surroundings and respects the environment. Creating buildings with timeless designs, with a unique touch, that respond to the brief and budget are the hallmarks of this practice, and so we proudly feature them in our list.

Website: http://www.susileeton.com.au/

Atticus & Milo: Creating bespoke designs maximising everyday joy

This interior design practice established in 2001 by Caecilia Potter is passionate about exceptional architecture and design. A desire to enjoy every project undertaken by building great relationships is at the heart of this practice. Their aim with every design is to strike a balance between creating beautiful forms and providing functional value. So, they keep in mind not only the look of the space, but also how it make the users feel. Staffed with talented designers who bring varied expertise and experience to the table, help create beautiful and functional designs.

Website: http://www.atticusmilo.com.au/

Büro: Committed to creating spaces that are a joyful experience

A design-focused practice led by the talented Paul von Chrismar creates great design that comes from great conversation and collaboration. Their ability to work closely with clients and project teams ensures that every stage of the design, research, and planning process is handled thoroughly. No matter how difficult the brief or the budget, they strive to achieve a holistic look by blending all the key features of interior design. Their professionalism, teamwork, and extensive industry knowledge makes them a delight for clients and brings them to our Top 100.

Website: http://www.buro.net.au/

Verandah House: Capturing the unmistakable Queensland style

The mother-daughter powerhouse duo and their individual artistic flair is what characterises Verandah House designs. Helmed by the dynamic Judy Elliott and Jess Bandiera, this award-winning boutique is known for its distinctive style with a relaxed sophistication. Both the designers bring their unique artistic and design talent to the practice, which makes it one of Brisbane's leading interior design practice. Known for their high calibre design work, custom designed furniture, and an array of stunning homewares and soft furnishings, this boutique scores high on the design factor, and in our Top 100.

Website: http://www.verandahhouse.com.au/

Eclectic Creative: Urban, eclectic designs delivered in a fun and approachable way

This design studio founded by Jessica Viscarde, offers a wide range of design services like interior design and styling, photography, and graphic designing. This studio's urban and eclectic flavour along with high quality and innovative visual solutions for both businesses and individuals, is its unique characteristic. Seeing the ideas bubbling in her head come to fruition and bringing smiles to her clients' faces is Jessica Viscarde's driving force for whipping up unique and fun designs. Armed with formal degrees in designing, along with freelancing for Melbourne's finest event and property styling businesses, Jessica Viscarde's design studio is a clear winner for our list.

Website: http://eclecticcreative.com.au/

Thomas Hamel & Associates: Designs marrying history with the romantic soul of gypsy

Established in 1990 by Thomas Hamel, it provides premium quality in professional interior design and decoration services. Their design outcomes rely heavily on a healthy creative collaboration with builders, architects, and other professionals in creating unique spaces. They also pay special attention to sourcing unique pieces of furniture and other decorative objects to accessorise a space beautifully. They have a design team that brings a myriad of talents and skills from across the world to the table, that lends itself to creating each of those timeless, customised designs. The creative team's talent mixed with the studio's timeless sense of style makes it worthy of the Top 100.

Website: http://thomashamel.com/

Nixon Tulloch Fortey Architecture: Commitment to innovative outcomes and efficient delivery

Established by Brett Nixon, Emma Tulloch, and George Fortey, this architectural practice lays a heavy emphasis on a strong design focus. They take a collaborative approach, thus being able to design unique responses to each site, brief, and context. The firm's experience ranges from residential and multi-residential projects of different scales, to commercial, industrial, retail, and hospitality projects. Their commitment and continued efforts to provide their clients with innovative design outcomes and efficient delivery, cements their spot in this exclusive list.

Website: http://www.ntfarchitecture.com.au/

My Beautiful Abode: Engaging a sense of style, transforming houses into homes

An interior design and styling consultancy, that focuses on making homes and spaces look beautiful and inviting, finds a mention in our list because of the practice's ability to provide practical yet attractive spaces that reflect individual styles. Operating from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, they boast of a wide range of clients including architects, builders, renovators, and homeowners. They are a full service studio providing a flexible array of options. Sophie Kost, the director and lead designer, has over two decades of experience designing and styling interiors across Melbourne and rural Victoria. As their client, you will be assured of satisfactory solutions in a fun journey of making a house your home.

Website: http://www.mybeautifulabode.com.au/

Splinter Society: Designs creating unique moments of delight

This hands-on, design focused firm founded in 2005 by Asha Nicholas and Chris Stanley works across a wide range of typologies. The team consists of experienced designers, both from an interior design and architecture background. Hence, every project involves collaboration with people from a diverse range of creative backgrounds to create designs with unique artistic elements. As a practice collectively they strive for diversity of aesthetic outcomes, which are rooted in social and environmental sustainability. Their strong commitment to deliver the best possible outcome through extensive research and brief development, is what makes them worthy of our list.

Website: http://www.splintersociety.com/

Touch Interiors: Designing with a healing approach, impacting the innermost feelings

An award-winning, Sydney and Los Angeles based design firm, Touch Interiors has a portfolio exceeding 500 properties with over two decades of experience in architectural renovation and fine detail decorating. Founder and creative director Bronwyn Poole's love for beautiful spaces and objects is what drew her to design. She intends to bring the same level of love and passion to the spaces she designs for her clients. What sets her practice apart is how she uses her design techniques to infuse her client's unique story with their space, which finds her studio a mention in our list. Be it a shoestring budget or multi-million dollar deals, every project is translated into a fitting and immeasurably beautiful space through her design ingenuity and experience.

Website: http://www.touchinteriors.com/

Jemden Interiors: Casual elegance meets modern lifestyle

Andrea Davison, the creative genius behind Jemden Interiors, has worked with some amazing clients throughout Melbourne, transforming spaces and creating homes that are loved by her clients. In 2013, she was invited to design the centre stage for the HIA show and present talks on 'Colour in Design'. Her passion for interior designing is reflected in the homes she designs. She ensures every space is designed keeping in mind that it makes the client feel welcomed and warm, while remaining elegant and timeless. Her passion for her craft and skill of approaching every client's brief with a unique style, makes her practice a proud feature of our list.

Website: http://www.jemdeninteriors.com.au/

Lewisham Interiors: Exploring the versatility and adaptability of design

Armed with a staff of interior designers and decorators who work closely with their clients to develop each project's unique and personalised brief, this Melbourne based interior design and decoration studio is worthy of the Top 100. They aim to provide unique interior solutions that enhance the quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of interior spaces. The team works on using colour, pattern, and texture to create spaces that are sophisticated and elegant. They boast of a portfolio of residential and commercial clients for whom they have successfully delivered interior design projects. You can be assured of a work that reflects their passion for the craft and commitment to meeting every client's goal, to create meaningful designs.

Website: http://www.lewishaminteriors.com/

Austin Design Associates: Delighting clients through emotional architecture

Austin Design Associates is a Brighton based interior design practice with both domestic and commercial project base. Their passion for design and taking up challenging tasks that push their creative boundaries makes them one of the leading interior design practices, and hence find a mention in our Top 100. They strive to design spaces that enable the clients to function effortlessly while enjoying a lifestyle they desire. They engage their clients in the design process and hence are able to deliver beautiful spaces that are reflective of the client's vision and personal style.

Website: http://www.austindesign.com.au/

John Croft Design: Fusing personality and practicality with creativity for a polished result

Renowned for their passion, talent, client satisfaction, and dedication to the industry, this multi-award winning interior designers of Brisbane deliver design experiences tailored to individual personality, lifestyle, and budget. Evolving from its humble beginnings, this talented firm has been led successfully by John Croft. Known for his colourful designs and panache, John Croft's designs have been resistant of traditional design conventions, while continuing to take inspiration from modern design influences. Whether it's a new home, or looking to give an existing one a fresh makeover, this design studio has got its clients covered, right from drawing and drafting layouts to the selection of exterior and interior building finishes. From classical to contemporary, they create designs that are both functional and timeless. The studio's simplistic, classic, and distinctively vibrant designs make them a client's delight, and make for a delightful feature in our exclusive list.

Website: http://www.johncroftdesign.com.au/

Alexander Pollock: Creating spaces with versatile, timeless, luxurious appeal

Aaron Wong, the creative head of Alexander Pollock, had quite an unusual entry into the creative world. Aaron spent 7 years in the corporate world after graduating with a degree in Business Administration in 2006. It wasn't until he bought his first home that he discovered this hidden gem of his passion for interior decoration. Not having a formal education in designing or prior experience in the field has not stopped the awards and recognition from pouring in. As a full service design firm it offers all aspects of interior design, interior decoration, and project management. Providing bespoke designs tailored to meet the client's taste and budget, with exquisite finishing details makes this practice an obvious choice for the clients. Every project is stamped with Aaron's inimitable personal style that reeks of versatility and elegance that clients can truly fall in love with. This makes the practice an easy choice for our list.

Website: http://www.alexanderpollock.com/

Moss Melbourne: Curating spaces and turning them into design realities

With a background in luxury hotel design, Moss Melbourne has been designing homes that clients can fall in love with. They put together customised themes and designs that can make houses feel like homes. As specialist Armadillo Designer Collection retailers, they have delivered hundreds of beautiful and exquisite rugs to living rooms around Australia. Drawing from their wealth of experience in the industry, they are known for curating a space which truly suits their client's style and taste. Backed by a team of specialised tradesmen, they focus on delivering premium design outcomes to suit every brief and budget. Their unique and authentic style landed them in the exclusive Top 100.

Website: http://www.mossmelbourne.com.au/

Boutique Yellow: Using design to discover, explore, and express

A strong commitment to help clients discover, explore, and express within their own projects, makes them a sure choice for our list. It is their endeavour and commitment to provide quality service to their clients that is affordable, functional, and high on aesthetic appeal. They have a wide range of expertise in interior decoration and design, visual merchandising and image consultancy. Be it home decorating, small commercial projects, or theming a special event, they celebrate every opportunity to work with the clients to provide rewarding outcomes.

Website: http://boutiqueyellow.com.au/

Wolf Architects: Providing design excellence combining great design with quality service

Their name is synonymous with excellence and premium quality, which makes them an apt choice for our Top 100 list. Their strength lies in combining great design with quality service while remaining true to innovation with each project. Delivering projects with uplifting, inspiring, and innovative designs that are achieved within the realistic time frames and affordable construction budgets are the hallmarks of this practice. Every design process sees heavy client engagement, with all the elements centred around the client's style and taste. Their reputation of delivering outstanding results is reflected right from the drawings to the finished product, which ensures peace of mind for the client.

Website: http://wolfarchitects.com.au/

Anna Carin Design: Experience the joy of creating sensuous spaces through passionate involvement

Originally founded as INNE in 1996, introducing Scandinavian furniture to the Australian market, this design studio has developed into a full-fledged business of providing design solutions. Supported by a strong team of highly passionate and creative individuals, this studio offers extensive service and expertise to a broad client list. Founded by the Swedish born Anna-Carin McNamara, this multi-faceted interior design studio has provided specialised services on a range of projects throughout Australia, Europe, and Asia. Drawing from her Swedish roots, and also local and international influences, she creates bespoke designs that are stylish, innovative, timeless, and functional. Recently Anna-Carin also released her first rug collection inspired by her memories of growing up on a farm in Sweden. The studio aims to create designs that give pleasure and enjoyment to their clients for years to come, and hence it was a pleasure to feature their studio in our list.

Website: http://www.annacarindesign.com.au/

Karanda Interiors: Identifying opportunities to maximise space potential

This interior design practice stands tall with 41 years of uncompromising experience in interior design, interior architecture, interior decoration and styling. Supported by a lovely team of creative and passionate designers, they provide exquisite designs using their knowledge of custom furniture, finishes, upholstery, and in-house fabric library. The core strength of this studio lies in their ability to listen to their clients, and overseeing their design from concept to completion. Their team of dedicated interior design consultants follow a step-by-step design approach to get effective results. From optimal placement of a piece to a holistic design of a space, Karanda Interiors works with the clients to bring ideas to life. Their experience, industry knowledge, and commitment makes them worthy of their place in the Top 100.

Website: http://www.karanda.com.au/

Baxter Creative: Achieving comfort, style, and function through stylish designs

Baxter Creative is your one-stop solution for all your interior design dilemmas, whether it is your office, home, restaurant, cafe, or hotel. They work intimately with every client to select finishes and furniture that are unique to the individual. Charles Prior, director of the practice, has been working in the Australian interior design field for over a decade, with projects spanning hotels, merchant banks, yachts, and private homes. He has also used his passion and talent by being a regular contributor on design and style for various lifestyle magazines. A client of Baxter Creative is assured of designs that incorporate comfort and style, and adhere to their budget constraints, which inspired us to mention this practice in our list.

Website: http://www.baxtercreative.com.au/

Tamsin Johnson Interior Design: Elegance combined with character and personality

A move from fashion industry to the Inchbald School of Design in London, is where Tamsin Johnson began her flourishing interior design career. After spending four years designing restaurants, cafe spaces, retail stores, and homes across Sydney working with Meacham Nockles McQualter, she was inspired to start her own practice. She collaborates closely with each of her client, designing spaces with vibrant and fun personality. She uses her experience, skills, and expertise to work with both new and existing structures to create interiors that are timeless. Her distinctive way of mixing interior styling with unique furniture pieces to create refined and elegant spaces is why she features in our Top 100.

Website: http://www.tamsinjohnson.com.au/

Snoop: Making things easier and enjoyable with good designs

Internationally renowned authority on interiors, style, and design, Amanda Talbot is considered the ultimate snoop on good design and latest trends. She believes good design makes one feel stronger and more confident with a better sense of well-being. She is a creative legend with experience forecasting trends for global brands like IKEA and Louis Vuitton. She draws from her stellar experience to breathe life and style into projects that are high on quality and functional value. A proponent of good design that not only makes spaces look and feel beautiful, but gives people a sense of well-being and confidence, she was a sure winner to be featured in our Top 100.

Website: http://www.snoopglobal.com/

Brownlow Interior Design: Creating classic interiors with a touch of modern day design

The dynamic mother-daughter duo of this practice come together to form one of Melbourne's finest interior design firms. The strength of this practice lies in the combined knowledge and experience, and their individual styles and approach that blend together to create unique designs. Using their extensive knowledge of early English and oriental furniture, materials, and textiles, they follow a rigorous approach to planning and detail. The practice is renowned for creating comfortable, classic interiors with a fine balance of layering materials, finishes, furniture, and artwork. This full service design studio offers a wide range of design solutions including fabric and wallpaper sourcing, design and documentation, finishes for associated design projects, and design of rugs and carpets. Featuring this practice, helmed by the powerhouse duo, in our list was an easy choice.

Website: http://www.brownlow.nset.au/

HOMEROOM Studio: Crafting fresh, unique, always-evolving spaces

Romy Dankner, founder of this prestigious studio, uses a creative process that takes on a fresh approach for every project. Her passion and knack for eyeing rare furniture, and the desire to create spaces that would house these exceptional pieces birthed HOMEROOM Studio. Every project in this studio benefits from Romy Dankner's extensive travel experience combined with her passion and desire for creating affordable and welcoming spaces. Having offered her services and design expertise on a wide range of projects, she has mastered the ability to gauge her client's needs, and comes up with an affordable and aesthetically appealing design solution. Her fresh and unique approach makes her a winner in her clients' books, and even in our list.

Website: http://www.homeroomstudio.com.au/

James Dawson Interior Design: Creating spaces with Parisian influence, striking an emotional chord

Considered the dark horse of the design industry, James Dawson and his practice is known for creating unique, sophisticated, and luxurious spaces for discerning clients. Given his talent and skills, his work features regularly in major international and local publications. His natural flair for design and a keen adaptive eye bagged him the title of one of the top iconic design names in the industry, which is why his practice features proudly in our Top 100. This award-winning design practice has carved out a reputation for creating projects imbued with life and vision, delivering one-of-a-kind interior design in both residential and commercial environments.

Website: http://www.jamesdawsoninteriors.com/

CG Design Studio: Redefining the function of a space with sophisticated interiors

Founder and lead designer Christopher Gyzemyter is a famous creative talent whose unique set of skills have created many a bespoke designs, creating beautiful, functional spaces. A thorough understanding of the client's needs lies at the heart of every project. Their expertise as decorators is not just limited to a certain kind of style, but is flexible to cater to whatever the brief and budget demands. Collaboration with other disciplines of design is a crucial factor, and hence they work closely with project managers, construction crews, and other specialists to ensure timely delivery of the highest standards, which is why they make the cut for our Top 100.

Website: http://www.cgdesignstudio.com.au/

Arkee Creative: Using power of ideas and creativity to beautifully transform blank pages

Inspired by the possibilities and challenges of a project, Arkee Creative uses their passion and love for interior designing to create beautiful and functional spaces. With a core team of passionate interior designers, interior architects, graphic designers, and stylists, the studio creates ideas and projects that have an inspiring and uplifting impact. The designers establish a strong collaboration with the client, developers, architects, and furnishing partners in bringing the inspiring and creative ideas to successful fruition. Their ability and creative ingenuity to transform a blank canvas into a creative vision is what gains them their sweet spot in our list.

Website: http://arkee.com.au/

Hunter & Richards: Something special in every design

This studio promises to make their client's professional and personal life more proficient and effective through functional and definitive designs. Founded by Dominique Hunter and Antony Richards, Hunter and Richards are professional and reliable designers who create responsible and intelligent solutions to complex project briefs. Their strong suit lies in marrying fresh, clean, stylish elements with a mix of realism and common sense. Both the designers bring strong artistic elements gained through their extensive experience, which makes them a definite winner for our Top 100.

Website: http://interiordesignmelbourne.com/

Massimo Interiors: Transforming homes into bespoke masterpieces

Spearheaded by Massimo Speroni's elegant and artful approach to design, this interior design studio has landed its rightful place in our exclusive list. Born in Milano, this Italian designer brings his exquisite taste and boundless passion for design to each of his projects. The design process here lays heavy emphasis on the importance of aesthetic and emotional value of any interior design project. No matter the scale of the project, every project is deemed equally important, and designed for the person who will use the space. The studio manages to consistently exceed client expectations given Massimo and his team's meticulous efforts, keeping in mind the geographical, cultural, and economic environment.

Website: http://massimointeriors.com.au/

Claire Stevens Interior Design: Delightful designs crafted to deliver lasting results

After working at The Buchan Group and COOP Creative, Claire founded her own practice in 2012. Since then she is fast becoming known as Queensland's young interior designer to watch out for, and hence featured in our list. The focus of the practice is on creating solutions and offering services that deliver quality and lasting results, be it updating an entertaining room or a year-long build. Every project is given equal importance irrespective of the scale, scope, or budget, and created keeping the aesthetic appeal and the functional value in mind. They are creators of bespoke spaces that inspire, amaze, and change the way the client interacts within the space.

Website: http://clairestevensid.com.au/

Tim Leveson Interiors: Making space work using organic, modern, and bespoke solutions

A bespoke design practice specialising in residential, commercial, and corporate interiors, led by the talented Tim Leveson, is known for their use of contemporary ideas for creating innovative and technical solutions for constructed interior settings and architectural development. The studio specialises in a wide range of services that cover the design process from conception to completion, drawn from 18 years of industry experience. Their interior and architectural designs are inspired by the key works from the contemporary art world. The team's ability to source rare, organic, and modern decorative accessories and furnishings is what helps them create customised design solutions for their happy clients, which makes for a delightful feature in our Top 100.

Website: http://www.timleveson.com/

Livingetc: Creating stylish interiors that respond to the constant change

A strong team of passionate interior designers is what makes this studio a winner in our books, and hence featured in our list. Whether you are looking for a single decorative piece to spruce up your interiors or looking to refurbish an entire home, this team of talented individuals stand ready with skills, experience, and tools needed to accomplish your design dreams. Transforming interiors is no easy task, but leave it in the expert hands of the interior designers here, and you have yourself a dream design brought to life, showcasing your personality and style.

Website: http://livingetc.com.au/

Darren James Interiors: Providing seamless solutions through the pursuit of stylistic innovations

A multi-disciplinary design practice that is renowned for transforming some of Australia's finest homes both locally and interstate under the leadership of Darren James merits a mention in this list. The practice works in strong collaboration with all the disciplines of design in creating a cohesive and unique design solution that reflects its clients' lifestyle and personality. A meticulous production technique and quality use of materials ensure that the end result exceeds the highest expectations. Their continual pursuit of technological innovation enables creation of unconventional, personalised, and unique spaces, which scores them a spot in our exclusive list.

Website: http://www.darrenjames.com.au/

Candlewick Interior Design & Decoration: Filling the gap between interior design and decoration

Established in 1994, Candlewick combines fresh and young ambience with classical styles. They are not restrained by the passing fads or the current trends. They are committed to creating exclusive designs and styles that are reflective of individual taste and style. The studio believes that design is in the eye of the beholder, and uses their services in helping clients make the right choices. All the clients, irrespective of the project's size and scope, are handled with a little love and pampering. Owing to its ability to mix classical looks with a refreshing impression, makes this studio a beloved choice for our list.

Website: http://candlewickinteriors.com/

Sally Caroline: Creating custom interiors that are relaxed, elegant and beautifully crafted

The creative brain behind this practice, Sally Caroline Klopper, specialises in creating custom interiors, keeping in mind the lifestyles and commercial intent of her discerning clients. Armed with a formal degree in interior design from Europe and Australia, she travels the globe for inspiration and unique finds. Her designs are characterised by her holistic philosophy, distinctive style, clarity of vision, and informed perspective. Her experience of working alongside some of the most influential names of the industry, combined with her experience and passion, has established her status among the movers and shakers of the design scene. Her natural talent and the intense love for designing, lands her in our list of Top 100 interior designers.

Website: http://www.sallycaroline.com/

Cranberry Design: Marrying eclecticism with contemporary design

Cranberry Design is committed to developing unique spaces that suit their client's budget and lifestyle pattern. A trusted team of builders, painters, and architects, along with the principal designer Wendy Davey, help pull together the different architectural and design elements to bring visions to reality. The design process involves offering design consultations to provide customised design outcomes that are a true representation of the client's personality and lifestyle. This design firm makes it to our list because of their exclusive talent and passion to create bespoke contemporary designs.

Website: http://www.cranberrydesign.com.au/

One Girl Interiors: Delivering beautiful spaces that make people smile

While working for the marketing team of a big bank, Suzanne discovered her love for interior designing. She followed her heart and made the career change, and established One Girl Interiors. Whether big or small, she works on every project with the dedication, enthusiasm, and the know-how that leave her clients with a smile. Every design is customised to make a space that is uniquely them. Whether you are looking to renovate, or thinking of a fresh design for a room or two, this design boutique can take care of the design and delivery of the project, right down to sourcing that unique linen or piece of art that brings out your style. Suzanne's passion and drive for her job, and the unique representation of the craft scores her a point in our Top 100.

Website: http://www.onegirlinteriors.com.au/

Jessica Nixon Interior Design: Designing spaces with globally-inspired aesthetics

Having worked as the showroom director and model home designer for Elements Interior Design, Jessica established her own interior design practice in 1994. She, along with her staff of designers, work directly with their clients to plan and implement a customised design outcome. No matter the intensity of the challenge, or the scale of the brief, this team of talented designers can turn their hand to many tasks and come up with fresh, clean, and stylish elements that incorporate individual style and taste. They provide guidance where necessary, while using their skills and experience in producing sustainable design outcomes. Their flair and effortless nature of designing customised spaces make them worthy of a spot in our list.

Website: http://www.jnid.com/

Danielle Trippett Interior Design: Making designing an enjoyable experience

With numerous recognition and features, Danielle Trippett is among the leading interior designers of her time. Her business has evolved over the years, and along with it the scale and scope of the projects. Her services are also used to provide design input into building and renovation projects from the initial conception to completion, including the decoration and furnishings. She works intimately with her clients to get a clear understanding of their requirements and lifestyle, and creates rooms that are not only beautiful but also a delight for her clients. With a clear emphasis on personalised services that are far removed from the formula-driven retail practice, this studio scores a major win in our list.

Website: http://danielletrippett.com/

Detail Collective: A collaboration of creatives encapsulating the many disciplines of design

It was a leap of faith by Alex and Kathryn that began the creative journey of Detail Collective. The focus of this studio is to make the client's life easy when it comes to designing their space. The team here consists of talented individuals ranging from interior design, interior and event styling, photography, art, and marketing. As a team they endeavour to create spaces that are sophisticated, elegant, and timeless, and successfully meet the specifications of the brief. They have the knack of achieving a fine balance of symmetry, quality, and finish, while delivering outstanding outcomes. Their dedication and passion towards their work make for a delightful feature in our list.

Website: http://www.detailcollective.com/

Design Art House: Creating designs that are an extension of your essence

Passionate about interior decoration and design, this design studio thrives on creating perfect homes that are reflective of their passion. The design process incorporates the personal style and goals of the client so as to create a look to suit the user's needs. The team of interior decorators source from all over the world keeping the modern design trends in mind, and bring a combined experience of 20 years to every project to give it the unique essence and taste. Their unique style of decoration and designing that places emphasis on the client's lifestyle, makes them worthy of a feature in our list.

Website: http://www.designarthouse.com.au/

Stephanie Somebody: In search for the perfect imperfection

Stephanie Stamatis is using her profession as an interior designer for a more personal form of story-telling, which inspired us to feature her in our exclusive list. Apart from using her love for layered aesthetics and artful objects in her capacity as an interior designer, Stephanie has also lent her inimitable style to a variety of editorial and advertising clients. Her portfolio of work involves brands like Myer, Brown Brothers, Westpac, Penguin Publishing, and Etsy. Her keen sense of aesthetics and her unique approach to styling and decorating has also featured her works in publications like Real Living Magazine and Provincial Magazine. Her curated collection of artful objects, and her drawings inspired from nostalgia, give her designs her signature style stamp.

Website: http://stephaniesomebody.com/

Justin Bishop Interior Design: A fine blend of enduring classics and comforting time-honoured style

With a decade of experience in the interior design industry, Justin Bishop's name is in the league of Australia's leading designers. Australian House & Garden magazine named him as one of the 'best of the best' designers in the country. So, it is little wonder that his practice finds a mention in our list. This studio provides full range of interior designing services from design concepts, trade and supplier consultations, colour, finish, and furniture selections to project management. Justin Bishop's designs are characterised by his signature style, which comes from a passion for timeless, traditional design, and decoration that showcase an era before modern machine technology and mass production. He delights his clients by creating bespoke spaces for them that are the result of a combination of his love for classic interior items and lifelong developed skills.

Website: http://justinbishop.com.au/

Joanna Ford Interior Design: Designing creative spaces with that magical extra touch

If you want to know what a trained and creative eye with a true love for interior design can do to change the face of a room, then this studio's services can help you with that. After her stint working as a senior financial executive, and then being re-trained in London as an interior designer, Joanna Ford opened her practice to help people achieve their interior visions through her passion for good design. Joanna's Italian family background, her formal education in the interior design centre of Europe, the casual lifestyle of Australia, and her love for colours and open spaces come together to provide clients a fine blend of European design and fashion in a uniquely Australian way. Her ability to work through any challenge by taking time to listen and understand the client's likes and needs, and crafting the space according to their tastes and functionality is why she scores her way to the Top 100.

Website: http://www.joannafordinteriordesign.com.au/

Katherine Wills Interiors: Refining concepts, defining looks

Katherine Wills is the creative mind behind this no-nonsense interior design studio. This multi-disciplinary interiors consultancy was established in 2012, to offer a wide range of design solutions. No two projects are alike, so she ensures her services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the client, be it just an advice, or finding the missing link to tie together a space, or a comprehensive service to renovate the home. The design concepts and processes are decided in close consultation with the clients, so that every space, every design is helping the client's lifestyle and home. Creating beautifully customised interiors using her background in fine art and extensive knowledge of colour, light, and materiality, her practice proudly makes it to our Top 100.

Website: http://katherinewills.com/

eat.bathe.live: Transforming the ordinary into extraordinary

Whether it's a new build, a renovation, or simply applying the finishing touches to a room, this design studio offers full service solution, right from conception of the idea to completion of the works. Every design is crafted with high level of industry knowledge and professionalism. Passionate about life, home, style, and travel, Jenefer Macleod created eat.bathe.live in 2011. The practice opened to make stylish and personal kitchen and bathroom design accessible to all. Her approach to design is based on forming a personal connection with her clients and listening closely to their ideas and requirements. This enables her to provide the client with a solution that not only caters to their style needs but also provides practical value. Even though they specialise in residential design, they also boast of experience in a range of commercial projects and also working with varying budgets. Jenefer Macleod's passion and dedication towards her profession mixed with a high level of professionalism, makes her practice a sure bet for our list.

Website: http://eatbathelive.com.au/

Spinzi Design: Better designs for a better lifestyle

Spinzi is an interior and furniture design practice that offers the best modern eclectic designs in the marketplace. Their aim is to understand their client's lifestyle and needs so that they can come up with the right design solution to support that lifestyle. The key design insights created in close consultation with the client determine how functional the design options are by keeping in mind the colour schemes, materials, style combinations, and overall flow of spaces. As a client with Spinzi, you are assured of the entire package of services, right from design consultation, works management, furniture design, to designer art works. Their commitment to their art and a flexible approach towards their client's needs, makes this practice a valuable feature in this list.

Website: http://www.spinzi.com/

Space, Grace & Style: Helping people live beautifully through whimsical and uncommon designs

A love for all things traditional, vintage, ambiguous, and unusual, drove Rebecca Jansma to open her own studio where she helps people live beautifully using her experience and knowledge of the craft. She is known for her knack of effortlessly combining crisp, clean architecture with antique and vintage furniture, and custom upholstery to create homes that are warm and elegant. Her skills and talent have taken her services into the homes of a wide range of clients, both local and beyond. Trust this design studio to create a space that is uniquely yours with individual sources pieced to help you achieve the desired look. The fresh, refined, and vintage style of this studio inspired us to give it a mention in our Top 100.

Website: http://www.spacegracestyle.com.au/

Susie Miles Design: Designing contemporary and classic homes with timeless interiors

Passionate about interior design, Susie Miles designs homes with timeless interiors that reflect individual style and budget. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, she brings a fresh approach to both contemporary and classical spaces. She has used her expertise in projects like private homes, country and coastal properties, corporate offices, medical suites, and retirement accommodation. Her wide network of experienced and reliable suppliers and tradespeople, and efficient project management provide clients with excellent services and value for their money. An array of glowing testimonials from happy, satisfied customers is a testament to her passion and professionalism, which makes us happy to feature her in our exclusive list.

Website: http://www.susiemilesdesign.com.au/

VMDesign:Crafting personalised solutions inspired by the joy of design

Vikki Montalban is the creative brain behind this interior design and decoration studio. Being inspired by the joy of design, textiles, and colour, they continue to pursue their passion for creativity, designing homes with interiors that are finely detailed and truly reflective of individual taste and lifestyle. To help them along this inspiring design journey, they have carefully selected a network of crafts people and tradespeople. The creative efforts of the studio come together to create a successful outcome for each project. Every space is crafted keeping in mind that the space, style, and function should turn out to be a unique reflection of their clients. They continue to explore new avenues in their love for materials, structure, and design to continue providing bespoke design services. Their hunger for exceeding client expectations by delivering the best possible outcomes made them a sure choice for our list.

Website: http://vmdesign.com.au/

Bask Interiors: Creating aesthetically pleasing and comfortable homes

A Melbourne based interior styling practice owned by Michelle Hart, Bask Interiors offers decorating solutions to help clients achieve the desired finished look. Their designs draw inspiration from Australian art, and support local designers and artists. They provide a unique blend of space, light, colour, and style by sourcing right pieces to suit every lifestyle and budget. Michelle Hart's eye for detail as well as the knowledge on the fundamentals of feng shui work together to transform every project into a reality. For over 15 years she has been creating aesthetically beautiful spaces on projects ranging from one room to whole house transformations. Her keen sense of styling and providing functional value to the look and feel of a space merits her a mention in the Top 100.

Website: http://www.baskinteriors.com.au/

Renae Barrass Interior Design: Designing warm and colourful spaces favouring eclectic interiors

Renae Barrass opened this practice in northern Melbourne after a decade long experience in the industry. It has quickly gained a reputation for creating stylish, well designed interiors that provide aesthetic appeal and functional value to their clients. She uses sustainably sourced materials and re-purposed furniture from local manufacturers to create beautiful and engaging spaces. Whether a client knows exactly what they are looking for or they are in need of complete guidance, this design studio will cater to every specific design need. They strive to push the design boundaries, taking up challenging projects, and tailoring their service to suit the client's needs, which also makes them deserving of a spot in this list.

Website: http://rbid.com.au/

Jodie Cooper Design: Designing the ultimate expression of your style

Redesigning the heritage listed hotel, The Paddington Ale House, and 353 Degrees, a luxury villa on the island of Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia are some of the projects designed by this practice. This design studio offers a highly personalised service from conception to completion. Jodie, the creative legend behind this studio, is responsible for many prominent commercial and residential projects throughout western Australia. Using her extensive industry knowledge, her lifelong developed skills, and passion for the craft, she has designed spaces that are enriching, inspiring, and inviting. She brings together a beautiful blend of colours, textures, patterns, lights, and materials to draw out the aesthetic appeal of a space while ensuring it remains true to its practical purposes. Seeking new design challenges and providing design solutions that meet the brief and budget makes her practice a proud feature in our list.

Website: http://www.jodiecooperdesign.com.au

Debra Cronin Design: Striking the perfect balance between comfort, practicality, and personal style

Debra Cronin's designs are characterised by her signature mix of eclectic and contemporary styles that come together to create a unique and individual results for the client. The design solutions created by this studio are high on originality, novelty, and quality in product design. Debra Cronin collaborates closely with her clients to come up with effective solutions that showcase her beauty and unique touch. Every design is centred around the individual needs, appealing to the varying tastes and lifestyles. Her speciality is a fusion of different styles woven seamlessly to create individual aesthetic appeal. Her signature eclectic designs that come with an element of surprise merits her practice a feature in the Top 100.

Website: http://debracronindesign.com/

Gary Hamer Interior Design: Making interior design and decorating accessible to all

Decorating people's homes in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast is Brisbane's interior designer Gary Hamer. As a full service interior design firm, their services include single consultations to comprehensive design and decoration projects, refurbishments and renovations, furniture and furnishing selection, and interior and exterior colour consultations. As a creative team, they strive to make interior design accessible to all while also making it a fun journey of transformations. With their focus on longevity in design, providing innovative and personalised solutions, without being dictated by trends and fashion makes them one of the leading design studios, and an obvious feature in our list.

Website: http://www.garyhamerinteriors.com/

Taylor Rose Designs: Making dream transformations easy

Launching Taylor Rose Designs was akin to launching the interior design dream for Lucy Taylor. Established in 2011, the studio is a true representation of her passion and commitment to enable clients experience a unique and personalised service. With an extensive knowledge of colours, patterns, textures, furnishings, and lighting, they have created a simple and practical design process that is suitable for every budget. It is her passion to help clients get access to personalised design services that led her to realise her dreams of interior designing, which she continues to use to deliver tailored design solutions to clients. It is her vision to use her training, experience, and skill set to assist clients make the right choice the first time. Her determined passion towards her craft makes her studio a worthy feature of our list.

Website: http://www.taylorrose.com.au/

PS Design Studio: Translating lifestyles and personalities into design schemes

Peter Schaad, principal designer of this studio, specialises in all areas of interior design and decoration. His passion for design and a love for travel took him to Europe where he worked for an architectural firm for 7 years, after which he worked for an interior design firm in Melbourne. Having gained an extensive knowledge of the craft and capitalising on his experience in the industry, he opened his own practice. The studio has over 12 years of experience specialising in high-end residential projects. The practice is based on the philosophy of collaboration to achieve excellence in all aspects of design. Drawing from his international travel and a keen aesthetic and design sense, his work is designed to cater to individual needs and styles.

Website: http://psdesignstudio.com/

White Chalk Design: Channelling luxury and longevity in designs

This studio was established 16 years ago by Serena Elise, and has won numerous awards for the various spaces they have designed, which finds them a proud mention in our Top 100. As a multi-disciplinary interior design practice, they work collaboratively with home and business owners, architects and builders to deliver a style high on sophistication and contemporary details. As a practice they ensure to build trust with their clients, so that they reach a comfort level with the design direction of the studio, and makes designing a mutually enjoyable experience. Serena Elise has also designed her own fabric and custom rug range. As a passionate traveller, design fairs and art shows inspire her designs.

Website: http://www.whitechalkdesign.com.au/

Winston Design Collaboration: Creating balance and symmetry for a beautiful finish

Founded in 2009 by Sophie Simpson, Winston Design favours a collaborative approach of working with clients, architects, and builders. Working closely with the clients, opens the door to understanding their real needs and aspirations. This understanding helps the practice develop solutions that are highly functional for all end-users. Their main aim as a design studio is to ensure that the designs are integrated with the home's architecture and is also aesthetically pleasing. They utilise every opportunity to maximise a space's potential, while providing long term value by creating designs that are timeless and durable.

Website: http://www.winstondesign.com.au/

Vintage Green Design: Fusing architectural integrity with client satisfaction

Creating sustainable designs using non-toxic products and earth-friendly practices find them a spot in our Top 100. They are a small design company that is committed to being environment friendly, while achieving the goals and aspirations of their clients. Combining their love for vintage pieces with a soft spot for mid-century goodness, they aspire to create designs that enhance the visual appeal of a space, and provide the necessary functional value to the client. Their stylish and practical solutions take care of the aesthetic and practical needs of the clients. Their expertise lends itself to a wide array of projects like luxury apartments, boutique cafes, and classic post-war bungalows. With a growing collection of furniture and accessories, they have the tools to style up a space within a short period of time. Their attention to detail, as also to taking care of the environment makes them appealing for our exclusive list of Top 100.

Website: http://vintagegreen.com.au/

Jane Howell Interiors: Stepping outside the traditional realms with visionary designs

With her keen eye for colour and composition, Jane Howell creates unique, liveable spaces that can stand the test of time. Her commitment to the client experience and her dedication of being a trusted advisor on every project makes her a perfect fit for the Top 100. Her speciality lies in creating customised spaces that reflect their occupants and their lifestyles. It is the practice's consistent endeavour to balance form and functionality in a way that brings out the best aspects of the space. Using her experience and industry know-how, she transforms a blank space giving it a beautiful form. Her warmth, talent, and skills are the reasons for her loyal client base.

Website: http://howellinteriors.com.au/

Be it just rearranging some key pieces in a room, or tearing apart one and bringing on a whole new and fresh approach to the space, these creative souls are ready with the necessary skill-sets and industry know-how to take on any challenge. Forever on the quest for new opportunities to push the design boundaries, this prestigious pool of interior designers in Australia are on a mission to transform lives and spaces one project at a time.

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