Rug Care

It doesn't matter if you buy a rug or carpet from a barn sale or own a heirloom rug that has been passed on for generations, cleaning and care are pivotal factors. Carpets and rugs have been adorning interiors for centuries now. While designs, patterns and textures have evolved with each era, the aura and grandeur of carpets hasn't changed. Whether the importance of your rug is sentimental or monetary, proper care helps in retaining its value for years. These simple carpet care tips will assist you in withholding the intrinsic design and artistry of your exquisite rug or carpet.


Hand Woven/ Hand Made/ Hand Knotted

There is no denying that hand woven carpets are splendid in terms of design and craftsmanship. But, since hand woven carpets and rugs are relatively delicate compared to machine-made rugs, proper care is required. Carpets easily attract allergens and dirt mites that get trapped in the fabric. Most handmade rugs are expensive, which is why it is important to incorporate the right cleaning and care techniques to ensure that the exquisiteness of your carpet or rug remains intact. Let's look at some simple tips and steps to maintain the unique appeal of your intricate hand woven rug or carpet.

  • Vacuum cleaning your carpet or rug on a regular basis is important. Since the fibres are woven in a tight interlock, dirt, grit and debris tend to settle on the base of the carpet. Make sure to use the suction attachment and not the beater brush, since it can damage the carpet pile and the fringe of the carpet.
  • In case of spills, do not use any cleaning agents. Use a clean cloth and club soda or water to dab off the spill instantly. Blot off as much liquid as you can before it sets into the carpet or rug.
  • Carpets and pets don't mix. Animal urine can damage hand-woven carpets and rugs. You are left with problems like odour, discolouration of the dyes. Use warm water and vinegar combination to deal with the problem.
  • Keep your carpet or rug away from direct sunlight and rotate them periodically to minimise wear and tear.
  • Get your carpets cleaned by professionals once in a while to retain its delicate fabric. Dry cleaning is the best option for hand woven carpets.

Hand Tufted

Hand knotted and hand tufted carpets and rugs are both technically handmade, but there is a big difference between them. Hand woven carpets are painstakingly weaved and designed by hand, whereas the hand tufted ones are created by pushing the fibre onto the fabric base with a hand tufted gun. A hand knotted or woven rug will stay intact for years. Hand tufted carpets and rugs have a tendency to disintegrate due to the breakdown of the glue that holds the fibres together. Hand woven carpets are more durable and higher in value compared to hand tufted carpets and rugs.

  • A flat even rug pad or underlay can help in keeping the carpet from sliding and getting wet.Since hand tufted rugs and carpets get dirty easily and shed a lot of fibres initially, vacuum clean them on high pressure settings.
  • Keep the rug or carpet away from direct sunlight and rotate regularly to avoid fading and wear and tear.
  • Spills are the ultimate carpet woe. In case you spill any liquid on the carpet, clean it immediately before it seeps into the carpet. If spills are not cleaned immediately, they leave a permanent stain on the carpet or rug. Use a stain remover and do not wipe or scrub the carpet, just dab off as much of the liquid as possible.
  • Spills that have an oily consistency can be tackled with a little alcohol. To remove chewing gums off a carpet, wait for it to harden or use a freezing spray. Hammer the gum after using freezing spray and dust off the leftovers from the rug or carpet.

Flat Weave

Flat weave rugs and carpets are one of the most sought after carpet options. Flat weave carpets are lightweight and durable, which is why they are so desirable amongst customers. The flat weave rugs and carpets are the perfect choice if you want to add a splash of colour to your décor without fretting too much about cleaning and care. Since it’s so thin and lightweight, it is perfect for decorating any space and you have the luxury to play with colours and patterns. Flat weave carpets and rugs do not need a lot of maintenance and cleaning is a breeze compared to other rug options.

  • Flat weave carpets and rugs are easier to manage compared to other carpets. Vacuum cleaning flat weave carpets is safe and can be done on a regular basis. Rotate or flip the rug regularly and use rug pads to keep the carpets from slipping.
  • Spills are easier to deal with in case of flat weave carpets and rugs. Blot the spill with a paper towel instead of wiping or scrubbing it off. To remove stains, try using a bit of soap and cold water.
  • Keep the carpet away from direct sunlight and if you plan to wash the rug, make sure to dry it by laying it out flat. This step will ensure that no destruction occurs while drying the carpet or rug.
  • If the flat weave rug or carpet is made from natural fibres, you only require water and soap solution to tackle stains. But, in case of artificial fibres like nylon, you need a stronger cleaning agent to draw the stain off the fibres.



An exquisite wool carpet or rug makes a great investment, but care is required to retain its value and character. Improper care of a wool rug or carpet can lead to extreme wear and tear, shedding and fading. A good quality wool carpet can add charm and character to a space. But natural fibres need care and attention to retain their beauty and value. Although wool carpets and rugs demand intensive care, going the extra mile is worth it. Since wool carpets are thicker, they tend to trap more dirt and grime. But with regular cleaning, wool carpets and rugs can last years.

  • Vacuum cleaning the carpet on a regular basis is mandatory, but when it comes to wool carpets, you need to be cautious. Never vacuum clean the carpet with a beater brush since it can cause excessive shedding and abrasion, instead use hand held attachments.
  • Scoop up any liquid spills or food residue as soon as possible. Blot on the liquid to absorb rather than wiping or scrubbing. Use lukewarm water and a special carpet cleaner to clean the spot.
  • Do not leave your rug wet after washing it, dry your wool carpet or rug immediately to get rid of all the excess moisture.
  • Use professional help once in a while for deep cleaning of your wool rug or carpet.
  • Do not leave your carpet out in the sun to dry and keep rotating the carpet to prevent wear and tear.


Silk rugs and carpets are stunning, but they are also delicate, which makes it extremely difficult to retain this exquisiteness for years. A delicate silk rug lends beauty to your home or workspace and not to forget the high quality and value that silk rugs possess. Silk rug cleaning and care needs a different approach compared to other rugs and carpets. The fibre is obtained from silkworm cocoon and is strong and resilient which is one of the reasons behind its popularity and value. A good silk rug or carpet is lightweight and smooth and can stretch without losing its structure. But the material also easily stains which can be a problem for silk rug owners.

  • Gently sweep or vacuum clean the silk rug rather than aggressively trying to get the dirt and debris out. Any brush attachment is definitely going to harm the delicate fabric, so only use the suction attachment when cleaning a silk rug or carpet.
  • Any accidental spills should be cleaned up immediately before it sets into the carpet or rug. Do not scrape the delicate texture in an attempt to scoop of liquid spills, be very gentle while blotting of the liquid.
  • To deal with a stain, try a mixture of water and vinegar and blot the stain and dry it immediately to ensure that no damage befalls on the delicate silk fabric. Do not use chemical cleaners.
  • Keep silk carpets away from heat and sunlight. Silk carpets have a tendency to stain easily and accumulate dust and dirt, which is why an overall cleaning is necessary. A usual carpet cleaner or shampoo is not ideal for a silk carpet or rug, so opt for professional rug and carpet cleaners.


Cotton is a natural fibre and it is generally used for making area rugs instead of wall-to-wall carpets. The fibre is soft and cotton is used in creating exquisite hand-knotted Oriental rugs. The fibre is relatively inexpensive and you can easily find cotton carpets and rugs with intricate designs and patterns. But cotton has the tendency to absorb a lot of water and it dries at a very slow pace. And a wet cotton carpet is a sitting duck for microbial growth, mildew and mould. Cotton carpets and rugs need care too although they might not be as expensive as other fibres. These carpets have a tendency to easily crush and wear and tear is a common problem.

  • Cotton carpets have a poor resistance to sunlight just like most other kinds of carpets. The cleaning method usually depends on the dye used, finishes applied and the percent of the fibre used in the rug or carpet.
  • Vacuum cleaning a cotton carpet is safe and you can apply a little more pressure while cleaning the carpet to remove the embedded dirt. Use minimum moisture when cleaning a cotton carpet or rug.
  • Be cautious with alkaline products since it could damage the fabric easily. Avoid excessive washing and drying as this could lead to shrinking of the rug.
  • Rotate your rug or carpet regularly to lessen the wear and tear and most rug cleaning products should be safe on a cotton carpet or rug. But, in case the stain or spill is too difficult to handle, try professional help.


A good quality, intricately designed rug would not only enhance the beauty of your home, but also makes a great investment. Viscose is a manmade fibre and is created from wood pulp. It’s an inexpensive option and it is also known as Rayon. It is often referred to as faux silk and is much more durable than a delicate silk rug or carpet. One of the biggest advantages of this fibre is that it can be dyed into a variety of shades which is why some people prefer viscose over other fibres. Viscose and Viscose-Wool blended carpets are predominant in the market. The elasticity and warmth of these carpets are some of the attractive features.

  • Do not let the fabric get too wet, try to stick to dry cleaning procedures as much as possible when it comes to viscose carpets and rugs. Without proper care, viscose can show signs of shedding which can damage your rug.
  • The best option to clean your Viscose rug or carpet on a daily basis is to use a carpet sweeper instead of a vacuum cleaner. But if you still prefer to use a vacuum cleaner, make sure not to exert too much pressure to prevent abrasion.
  • Instead of scrubbing your rug, blot a stain or spill gently by using a damp cloth. If it’s a stubborn stain, then use a soft brush and stroke in the direction of the pile while blotting the carpet. Do not use the circular motion while scrubbing or cleaning since this could damage the fabric.
  • Keep the rug away from sunlight and use a rug pad to keep the carpet from slipping and getting wet. Too much moisture is bound to damage the texture and the design of your rug or carpet.

Fibre Pattern


Looped carpet style is one of the most common carpet patterns apart from cut pile style. Berber carpets are one of the most common and popular categories in looped carpet styles. There are several variations of a loop carpet and the weaving design is different from other kinds. But, these kinds of patterns need excessive care to avoid any damage. So, if you have pets and children, it can get tricky for you to keep a loop carpet in top notch condition. These carpets have the tendency to snag and can unravel easily. But, with effective care and cleaning techniques, looped carpets can last for years without losing its charm.

  • When Vacuum cleaning, does not use a beater brush since this could lead to fraying, tearing and shredding, ruining your exquisite carpet. Regularly clean your carpet but make sure you do not exert too much pressure.
  • Looped patterns hold dirt and moisture easily; steam cleaning is a great cleaning alternative to get the entire residue off the carpet. It helps in pulling out any dirt or grime that’s stuck onto the base of the carpet.
  • Looped carpets are thick so getting off stains once it has settled onto the fabric can be extremely difficult. It’s crucial to clean any stain or spill instantly by blotting on the spill and not rubbing.
  • Looped carpets need more care and attention from professional carpet and rug cleaners since moisture can be damaging for this style. Get it cleaned by professionals periodically and keep the carpet away from direct sunlight.


Braided carpets are ideal for people who would like to add colour to their ambience since you will find innumerable options in terms of colour in braided carpets. Braided carpets add a warm touch to a room and the texture is different from most other rugs and carpets. You will find both handmade as well as machine made rugs in this category. Because of the texture of the fibre, dirt, grime and food particles easily stick to these carpet types. Regular cleaning of braided carpets is essential since they soiled and frayed when not cleaned on a regular basis. Braided rugs are durable and long lasting and ideal for high-traffic areas which is one of the reasons people prefer them.

  • Shake your braided rug and beat it with a broom or brush to get off the dirt and loosen the dust particles. Vacuum cleaning the braided carpet on a daily basis is necessary, but it also requires deep cleaning once in a while.
  • For stain removal, try to get as much off the carpet as possible and then proceed to use a mixture of vinegar and water and blot the spill or stain. Avoid detergent or soap since they tend to get trapped in the fibres and leave a white residue.
  • Always use the right carpet cleaner to avoid bleeding of the dye and hose down the carpet to get the dirt and debris off the carpet.
  • Let the carpet dry naturally and do not machine dry it. When drying the carpet always lay it flat rather than hanging it. Hanging the carpet could damage the pattern and design. If you prefer to dry the carpet out in the sun, make sure not to leave it out for too long.


Shag rugs and carpets are in vogue again and people are experimenting with different shades and patterns of shag rugs. Shag rugs have a quirky and unusual look and feel to them, but it can get nightmarish to retain the appearance and quality of shag rugs. The upkeep is not too challenging, but regular cleaning and care is necessary. Shag rugs and carpets offer a retro feel which is one of the reasons behind the surge in its popularity. It's thick, plush and luxurious which appeals to many who like soft textures and looks. Whether you prefer area rugs or complete wall-to-wall carpeting, shag rugs can be fantastic conversation pieces.

  • Vacuum clean your shag rug with great caution, you do not want to damage the fibre and deal with shedding and fraying. Use the suction attachment and not the beater brush when cleaning the rug.
  • Use a grooming rake for your shag rug or carpet since they are excellent tools to keep your carpet well-groomed, fluffy and coiffed. A good cleaning and grooming process will keep the shag rug or carpet in perfect condition for a long time.
  • To remove stains and spills, water and vinegar mixture is an ideal option available. Blend it together and pour onto the stain and wipe it off the rug.
  • Be gentle when cleaning the rug since the fibre can easily come off from the base of the rug and use quality rug cleaners to deal with discolouration. When it comes to shag rugs and carpets, relying on professional service is your best bet.


A twist pile carpet or rug is made from yarn that has been tightly twisted to form a pile with a slightly textured surface. Twist pile carpets are one of the most popular carpets in the market, and a practical option since the fibre consistency is sturdy and hard wearing. Twist pile carpets and rugs are a durable option and last longer than other carpet options. If maintained well, they can last for years and remain stylish. A wool twist carpet is a sought after option and add a touch of beauty and character to a room. A wool twist is known for its quality and longevity and can add charm to a space. Twist pile carpets and rugs sometimes give off a velvety texture and look.

  • Vacuum cleaning a twist pile carpet or rug is necessary. Use the suction attachment to get the embedded dirt and grime. The revolving brush attachment can also be used to remove the surface dirt. But, do not clean the carpet too aggressively or you run the risk of damaging the fibre.
  • In case of spillage and stains, act instantly and blot off the excess liquid to prevent it from setting into the rug or carpet. Use a paper towel or cloth to gently blot the liquid. Solids should be scraped off gently with a plastic spatula.
  • Do not apply any cleaning agent directly onto the carpet or rug. Rotate the carpet regularly and try to keep pets away from the carpeted area.


Textured carpets and rugs are a very popular category of cut pile carpets. Textured rugs give off a casual vibe and are ideal for any space. They have a two-tone appearance and effectively hide footprints and vacuum cleaning marks. Textured rugs and carpets are available in myriad shades and perfect for rooms and spaces with high-traffic. You will find these carpets in polyester, nylon and other fibres. These carpet types are easier to clean compared to other carpet options and they do not have tight loops that can easily trap dust particles and dirt.

  • Vacuum cleaning textured carpets on a regular basis is important to retain its quality for long. Use the suction attachment as well as the revolving brush attachment to get the dirt and debris off from the surface. Do not clean the carpets too aggressively.
  • Promptly attend to any spills or stains with a paper towel or cloth before it seeps in. These carpet styles are easier to clean compared to other fibre types and are perfect for families with pets and children.
  • Steam clean is an ideal option to extract the embedded soil particles and it also helps in retaining the appearance of the carpet. Whether it's for wool carpets or synthetic carpets, steam clean is a great option to get the dirt off from the base of the carpet.
  • Regularly beat off the dust that accumulates and rotate it to prevent wear and tear over the years. Do not use soap or detergent to clean the rug instead use high-quality carpet solvents and shampoos.
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