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Know How Your Rug Is Made!

Part of the joy of owning a beautifully crafted rug comes from learning how it was created! Every rug carries with itself a story of where it was made as well as who all worked on it. This page will help you clearly understand how the unique work of art is conceptualized and weaved just for you! Designed with a passion for homes that yearn for lavishness, our creative and experience craftsmen are skilled at weaving purity and passion in every rug they make. Our collection beautifully blends quality, luxury and elegance with durability and style. Let us take you through a wonderful journey of how your rugs are brought to life and feel the traces of compassion and craft held therein:

Raw Material Procurement – To give you a premium and luxurious rug, we first handpick the best and the purest quality Australian and New Zealand sheep wool as well as the finest range of silk. The extracted wool and silk are then scoured and cleaned for the next process, which is known as yarn carding.

Yarn Carding – Your rug now enters the second stage of manufacturing. Here, through careful yarn carding, all the fibers are uniformly separated for effective blending of thickness that can take all the strolling and stamping. This step helps in straightening the fibers. This also ensures that your rug strikes a perfect balance between a soft feel and a rugged life.

Hand Spinning Of The Yarn – Did you know that the hand spinning process is actually an artistic act? Inspired from a unique conjunction of traditional art forms, the carded wool is finished into a yarn using a spinning wheel. This is a time-consuming process, but goes a long way in determining the final feel of your rug. Traditional methods are much slower compared to the modern-day machines, but they make a massive difference in terms of durability and final finish of your rug.

Dyeing Of Yarn Using Natural Colours –This is where your rug obtains diverse tones and textures, thanks to the high degree of precision and unmatched expertise of our master rug makers. The various colours they use for dyeing the yarn are actually derived from natural herbs like mulberry, saffron, indigo, walnut, turmeric and many more.

Map Designing –We take every measure to ensure that your rug is seamlessly filled with ancient prose and poetry. The artistry has been practiced since time immemorial and while the methods have changed, the art in the rug making still remains the same. Modern day rugs are manufactured on a wooden loom and the warp is wound on the loom vertically with the support of two fixed poles. The weaving map is then designed and the weaver has to follow the exact shape and size of your rug.

Hand Knotting Process – Despite the large-scale acceptance of machine-woven rugs, our weavers still stick to the hand knotting practice. This is the most crucial aspect in creating your rug, which needs unmatched accuracy and attention to detail. The higher the precision, the finer is the hand weaving. They take a considerable amount of time to ensure that the hand knotting is homogeneous and refined.

Cutting And Trimming –Once the final touches are given, the rug making masterminds then cut your rug and separate it from the loom. This ensures that the extra fibers and knots are precisely removed using specially designed scissors. The pile is finally leveled to bring out the beauty of colours and distinct patterns.

Washing The Rug And Drying – This is the concluding phase of rug making, wherein your rug undergoes an eco-friendly washing procedure until the colours stabilise and it attains a soft texture. Your rug is then dried away from sunlight for up to 5 days till it turns into a luxury weaving.

The Finished Product –The entire rug making process is truly captivating as it transforms from an abstract work into an elaborate pattern. When your rug is thoroughly dried, it is precisely checked for measurements and given a final finishing touch. It undergoes a strict quality check at this stage and is finally sent for packaging where it is rolled, wrapped and ready for delivery at your doorstop.

Every rug in our inventory is an outcome of a systematic and skilled approach and the entire manufacturing process is consciously designed to use natural fibers and avoid toxic backing and chemical treatments. Our comprehensive collection has something to suit every taste and is available in both traditional and modern rug designs. While the traditional rug styles combine splendour and royalty, the modern rug range exemplifies the richness and warmth of plush patterns and fashionable designs.

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