04 Dec

List Of Top 50 Furniture Stores In Australia

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Furniture is the soul of your humble abode. They take up the majority of your living space and help in making your home feel inhabited, welcoming and complete. It is the furniture that transforms your house from a brick and mortar building to a home. Find the list of top 50 curated furniture stores in Australia

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05 Apr

Top 100 Interior Designers in Australia Who Rule The Design Scene

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Interior designing is not just little cosmetic nips and tucks, but sometimes an entire renovation undertaken to give the space a whole new look and feel. Changing the look of a home, building, or office has an impact on people's productivity and their interaction within that space. Pulling together aspects like the colour, light, fittings and furnishings, and other key features to give the space a refined, elegant, and polished holistic look can be quite a daunting task.

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02 Mar

Picture Perfect Interior Design Ideas For Contemporary Spaces

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When you want to select a carpet for your interiors, you may have to go through a lot of samples of various colours and textures to know what will go best with your interiors. You will always find a range of features to choose from. If you have done your homework on the kind of rugs and carpets you desire, it always helps in terms of picking one that is beautiful, durable and of great quality.

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20 Jan

The Beauty Of Craft: Modern Rugs & Traditional Rugs

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The rugs that bear ancient motifs and patterns are often lumped together under the umbrella term “traditional” rugs. These designs are not transmitted through formal education, but they come straight from the skilled hands, pure hearts and imaginative minds of one weaver to another. The art of traditional rug weaving remains a living tradition that constantly evolves through the lives of those who practice it. Traditional rugs in Melbourne don’t just embody nature in their patterns and designs but imbibe it quite literally in their construction.

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17 Jan

Aesthetics Of Modern And Traditional Rugs

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A rug may be considered as an accessory to adorn interiors with magnificence, but in real it is a foundation of a beautiful living space. With each carefully weaved thread of traditional rug you have a chance of experiencing rich history and culture of the past. While modern rugs give you an opportunity to bring home a fine blend of colors and contemporary designs. Here we are making an attempt to make you familiar on how just adding rugs can add liveliness in ambiance of your house. Have a look at the infographic to know how rugs can increase curb appeal of your house.

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13 Oct

Pick A Rug That Is Truly Designer In Every Aspect - From Size And Style To Fibre And Fashion

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The hottest landscaping trends of this year are leaning towards lavish designer rugs that blend comfort and luxury. Luxurious contemporary rugs allow you to revamp your interior without having to invest in an expensive range of furniture or textured wall finishes. Indulge your decor in the warm richness and toe sinking luxury of stylish rugs.

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