13 Oct

Pick A Rug That Is Truly Designer In Every Aspect - From Size And Style To Fibre And Fashion

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The hottest landscaping trends of this year are leaning towards lavish designer rugs that blend comfort and luxury. Luxurious contemporary rugs allow you to revamp your interior without having to invest in an expensive range of furniture or textured wall finishes. Indulge your decor in the warm richness and toe sinking luxury of stylish rugs. Home decor doesn't always mean that you dole out all the cash you have to give your home a fabulous feel. Your interior is a direct reflection of your taste and personality. Give it a blissful and comforting vibe with artistically woven contemporary rugs that feature fascinating colour palettes and impressive textures. The modern rug range is easy to customise and care for. 

Give in to the green range – lend a fresh, organic vibe to your home with the natural beauty of hand-spun wool. Green rugs are chemical free and all the fibres used in their production are 100% natural. No chemical dyes are used for colouring these rugs and they pose no hazard to your health. Cover your floors with stylish rugs made from natural fibres and contribute towards the stability of the planet. Green rugs are just as fashionable and attractive as rugs made from synthetic fibres and come with the added advantage of premium quality and lasting durability. 

Saunter in style – Handwoven rugs take time to produce and can only be described as an art-form that has been preserved for over 2000 years now. They are the finest illustrations of creativity and skill. Blending artistry and culture with style and luxury, these imperial rugs are highly valued for their uniqueness and authenticity. The traditional Chobi rug design is famous for its Turkish touch and is a perfect option for those who seek grandeur and elegance in their interior. The twisty, hand-knotted artisanship of this Oushak design truly makes it a one-of-a-kind home furnishing. 

Where Function and Fashion break even – Wool is a natural fibre and is known for its durability, strength, resilience, and luxurious soft texture. It is visually appealing and yet easy to clean. Superior to synthetic fibres, this versatile material is the best choice for outdoor rugs. It is naturally stain resistant, does not soil easily, and has an excellent dye fastness. Woollen rugs retain their shape and colours even with years of service. Hand-woven woollen rugs stay cooler during summers and warmer during winters. Nothing matches wool when it comes to comfort and softness. The soft pile of woollen rugs can be used to add warmth and opulence to any space. The floors cover a large visual area of your interior, so drape them in the luxury of natural felted yarns and make them the design focus of your room. 

When Something Seems Missing – So you think your well-decorated living room still lacks in style?  

Maybe the missing element in your design is a plush area rug. Hand-woven rugs are a wise investment that will provide you with the pleasure you want and lend your decor a lavish vibe. They work with almost every flooring style be it dark stained hardwood floors, soft coloured ceramic tiles, undulated laminates, or a polished stone flooring. Any design theme that your mind can come up with, a designer rug can manifest. Take it from the floor and work your way up if you haven't started yet. Home decor is where ideas can take over at any point in time. No space is ever too full to accommodate a fine-looking Persian rug. The finesse of the knots and the beauty of the colours manifested in these rugs reflect the artistic magnificence of Persian weavers through centuries. 

Whether you are looking for a rug that evokes a traditional charm or an absolutely unconventional design that can complement your 21st century high-tech theme, designer rugs are the answer to every design inspiration. Give your home an awe-inspiring makeover as you explore a wide array of modern rugs from Deluxe Rugs N Carpets. 

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